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Working Mom’s Devotional: How Do You Find Time For Church?

Last Sunday, I got chills during worship as my church celebrated the packing of 500,000 meals.  As exciting, my 7th-grade son actually got engaged – I mean really engaged – about a service project for the needy.

It’s one thing to take our children to church.  It’s another thing to really get involved.  With the demanding schedule of a modern-day family, getting invested in a local church can be a challenge.  I know all too well.

When my kids were young, I almost gave up.

Who has time to be involved in a church?  I already have enough on my plate.

Which is why I believe many working moms just give up. Besides, the church doesn’t always know what to do with us.  Think about it.

  • We don’t have much time to volunteer.
  • Our kids are often exposed to too much media and technology.
  • MOPS happens during our work day (along with a host of other Bible Studies and play groups).

Plus, there’s no good time.

Early morning?  I have to get the kids to school.

After work? I’ve barely seen my kids all day.

After my kids go to bed?  I’m exhausted.

And what about time with my husband?

Excuses, excuses. I am full of them.  But thankfully, God cares about us more than he cares about our excuses.

But I also believe that God is patient with us during each season of life.  Just this week, I was talking to a new mom at church, and she can barely make it through a worship service — with a 20-month daughter who keeps getting sick in the nursery.  Yes, I remember those days like yesterday.  So I encouraged her to hang in there.  Just think, today I have a 7th grader who is packing meals for the hungry!

How do you make time for your local church?  What are your excuses?

“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another.” (Hebrews 10:25)


God, thank you so much for my church.  I don’t know how I could do it on my own. Raising kids is hard enough these days.  I pray for all the working moms who are isolated from the local church.  Bring us together in community, and please help us to be patient with each stage of life — and to get past our excuses.  

 [Note to self:  Remove above picture of Nick in the hair net before he sees it! I couldn’t resist!]

Why Do Kids Quit Church?

mom and Nick church

Kids are smarter than we think.  When parents say one thing and do another, kids notice.   And just because we “take” our kids to church, they won’t necessarily continue.

The research shows that kids are leaving the church –even before high school.   Continue reading →

Working Moms: Do You Feel Alone?

Working Mom's Devotional

Sometimes, you can tell when a friend feels alone.

My friend (I’ll call Amy) stopped by the other day.  I hadn’t seen her in over a year.  From the outside, things look just perfect.  Her kids are healthy.  Her faith is solid.  And her new business has taken off.  I mean really taken off.

But I could tell she was hurting.  Even depressed.

No, it’s not what you think.  No one around her is ill, her husband isn’t having an affair, and she isn’t having a mid-life crisis.

She just feels alone.  Spiritually.

Amy is so busy working and taking care of her family that she’s lost touch with her local church. And she doesn’t know how to get connected.  As she shares, I wonder to myself, she’s not so different from the rest of us.  And what can we do to connect working mothers in a faith community? Continue reading →

The Church Doesn’t Like Me!

Did you ever feel like you don’t fit in the church?  Like you can’t find anything in common with the people around you?  Maybe you’ve tried, but you just can’t seem to connect.

You’re not alone.

An old friend I’ll call “Kate” stopped over last weekend.  I could tell she was upset.  Things at home were going well, her practice was booming, and she looked great.  So, what was the problem?

“No one in my church likes me!” she exclaimed.  “I just don’t fit in.”

Kate is a brilliant physician.  Like me, she has three young kids and a husband who frequently holds down the fort.  Like me, she probably works too much.  And like me, she’s had a hard time figuring out her place in the church. 

Kate doesn’t have time for weekly Bible studies.  She’s not involved in after-school activities.  She doesn’t help with carpool or put together prayer chains.  And she feels like her peers in the church have written her off – that she doesn’t have anything to contribute.

But Kate has much to contribute.

She spearheads cutting-edge medical research.  She interacts with the public and influences families regarding their health care choices.  She loves Jesus, and she’s raising her children to do the same.  She just needs some help in the process.  She needs people who will come along side her, accept her for who she is, and welcome her into community.

Don’t give up on the church Kate!  The church needs you.  And you need the church.

Maybe you know a Kate.  Maybe you’re like Kate. 

Have you ever felt out of place in the church?   You may think you have nothing to contribute when, in fact, you’re needed.  Desperately.

Is He Here Yet?

It was Buddy’s first time in my Sunday School class.  Maybe even his first time at church.  I watched his big, blue 4-year-old eyes take it all in – the singing, the playing, the praying.

When it was almost time to leave, I pulled him aside and said, “I’m really glad you’re here.” 

He continued to stare.  Who is this crazy lady who likes to sing silly songs and play duck duck goose?

But no, it wasn’t a blank stare.  His wheels were turning — he was thinking.  So I said to him, “You know, Jesus is really glad you’re here today.”

He quickly responded, “Yeah, I know. Is he here yet?”

I (barely) held back my laughter.  Buddy wanted Jesus to show up.  Pure and simple.

“Yes, he’s here right now.  He’s everywhere.  Not just in church.” 

Buddy looked confused.  Like many of us, he had gone through the “church” drill.  But he wanted more.  He wanted a real live encounter with God.  He didn’t just want Jesus to show up, he expected him to show up.

Sure, Buddy may have a few things to learn about God.  He may be an unchurched preschooler, but I love his simple faith.  I love his anticipation.  I love his question.

How many of us have the courage to ask,  “Is he here yet?”  Or have we already made up our minds?  Not here. Not now. It’s not possible – or even if it’s possible, it won’t happen to me.  

Like Buddy, maybe we just need to ask.  Maybe it’s time we expect Jesus to just show up.