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The Widow In Debt: What’s In Your House?


In the book of Kings we read about a single mother who is about to lose everything. She can’t pay her bills after her husband, a prophet, dies unexpectedly. And the creditors aren’t just going to take her house, they are going to take the one thing she loves most, her sons, if she can’t pay up.

Listen to her agony as she pleads with Elisha the prophet: Continue reading →

Is Your Work A Poem?


I’m not a poet.  It’s not like I haven’t tried.  I just can’t seem to put the right words or thoughts together.  It always sounds forced and sterile.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and admire good poetry. I follow poets like L.L. Barkat, Laura Boggess, and Connie Mace.   But I’ve come to the realization that poetry is for someone else.   When God was passing out brains, He decided that part of my right brain would be given to someone else.  Someone who can write poetry.

Then I heard a sermon that changed my mind. Continue reading →

Is The Deck Stacked Against Your Child?


As a parent, do you worry that the desk is “stacked” against your child?  Maybe because of physical, mental, or even spiritual obstacles that seem daunting?  After all, most of us want to give our children every possible advantage.  Continue reading →

What If Jesus Was My Client?


I’ve never met the perfect client.

But I’ve given some thought about what it would be like to have Jesus as my client. I like to picture Him walking into the firm’s lobby in His robe and sandals. The reception­ist would probably call security. Continue reading →

The Power Of Eating With Your Coworkers

guilt food choice

I was recently speaking with a business leader about his success in getting a certain group of coworkers to “bond” in his company.  And I asked him, “What’s your secret?”

His response?

“I feed them.” Continue reading →