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At Work As It Is In Heaven: Connecting Spiritual Life With Daily Work

If you, like me, believe our work has some intrinsic spiritual value, where do we go next?  Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a job that actually “helps” people, but does God really show up in a billable hour, a conference call, or a strategic plan?

Senior VP and Author J.B. Wood tackles these questions.   With raw humor, wit, and relatable stories At Work As It Is In Heaven connects the Lower Story (our daily work) with the Upper Story (God’s purpose in the world).  Could it be that there is hidden (and even not-so-hidden), spiritual activity in our work?

At Work As It Is In Heaven cuts beyond the “consultant speak” and talks about the real issues that taunt us – like having a really bad day, dealing with a boss who thinks you’re an idiot, or reinventing yourself in search of the real you.   One of the reasons I love this book?  Raw honesty.  Wood confides, “Like most insecure and spiritually frustrated middle-aged white men, I keep a journal.”   At Work As It Is In Heaven is an extension of that journal – giving us a unedited picture of the hopes, fears, and dreams of the spiritually searching overachiever.  Wood frees us to see God in the unexpected — like in the garage on our way to work —  and to admit we don’t have it all figured out.  “We’d like to think it’s all up, up, up, but that’s not the natural order of things.”

Whether we’re climbing the ladder or hitting a wall, it’s natural to walk in doubt and confusion.  “It’s the same pattern:  the chaos and confusion are just predecessors to your next breakthrough.  The only way out is through.”

Are these words sugar to your soul?  If so, you can buy a copy of At Work As It Is In Heaven here.  And don’t stop with the book.  You can join thousands of readers and follow Wood’s blog here.

Thanks Jim for a great book!

Crying in LaGuardia

I’m pretty good about rolling with the punches, and I’ve had my share of mistakes at work. But this was different. Worse.

After landing in LaGuardia, I checked my email messages as we prepared to de-board the plane. A note from a good friend inquired, “How was that conference you spoke at today?”


“No, the conference is tomorrow.” I typed back. “I’ve just landed in New York.”

My friend responded back right away. “Um, you might want to check the brochure, because I think it was today.”

Radio silence.

Beads of sweat started rolling down my forehead as I headed to baggage claim, rummaging through my briefcase for the conference material – the same conference that was advertising Yours Truly as a key speaker. I finally found it and stopped short, looking at the date in disbelief. “No. No! NO! This can’t be right!” My heart dropped into my shoes. I had missed the conference by a day.

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