Staying Still: What’s Your Wake-up Call?


This month, we’re focusing on the word STILL.  For some of us, staying still is impossible difficult.  We’re always multi-tasking, overcommitted, and overextended.

We make excuses.  We justify.  We tell God that we know better than He does.  For most of us, the conversation goes something like this:

God, I know I need to be still, but I’m too busy right now.  I’m in that season of life.  Just give me a couple of years and I’ll be ready to dial it down a notch.  I don’t have an extra 5 minutes in my day – let alone 15 or 20 minutes for a quiet time.  You know I’m already sleep deprived.  Just cut me some slack.  Being still is for old people, empty nesters, or people without kids.  Not for me!

God doesn’t argue with us.  But He loves us enough to give us a wake-up call.

What do I mean by a wake-up call?

We know it when we see it.  The light comes on.

For me, my wake-up call came unexpected.  At the end of a long work day.   A Monday.  I had worked all weekend on an important case, and on this particular Monday I was sequestered in my office all day, prepping for depositions.   As the day went on, my neck started to ache.  I mean really ache.  I’ve had strains and sprains before, but nothing like this.  By the time I got home on Monday evening, my neck was stuck.  So much that I couldn’t move it to the left or the right.  I lay on my floor in excruciating pain and cried until my husband picked me up and carted me to the local urgent care.  The doctor shot me up with too many drugs, told me to take a couple of days off of work, and said in no uncertain terms:

This is a wake-up call.  Something more serious is going on, and you need to take care of it.

Of course, I didn’t listen.  At least not right away.  I took the drugs, headed back to work the next day, and lived in pain for another three months.

Fast forward to present date.  After finally seeking some treatment, I am now spending 15 minutes a day in traction.  Doing nothing.  Sitting still.  During this time, I lay on my back.  I cannot read, type, text, or carry on a decent conversation.  So I pray.

I’ve had several good friends tell me that I’m more peaceful.  That something has changed in my demeanor.  And I can feel it.

Sitting still makes all the difference.

Has God given you a wake-up call to sit STILL?  If so, how did you respond?  


Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  (Matt 19:26)


I'm an author who writes about the working mom's struggle to live out an authentic Christian faith in a complex and fast-paced world. I live in constant need of grace, caffeine, and technology -- usually in that order.