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Why I Don’t Do Social Media Guilt

If you’ve hung around this blog at all, you know that I’m a big fan of grace, not guilt.

Which is why I’ve decided to say NO to social media guilt.

There are already too many things in this life to feel guilty about.

When it comes to blogging, I never have time to read all the posts I want to read.  And I never have time to comment on all the posts I do read. I constantly neglect my Facebook friends.  And I forget to thank my fellow Tweeters for mentions and re-Tweets.

But I don’t lie awake at night worrying about it.

Now I might lie awake worrying about other things –  like the bad mommy complex, how my kids are doing in school, a deadline at work, or forgetting to send cards to people who are sick – but social media worries are near the bottom of the list (right behind forgetting to discard the expired milk in the frig). 

Who needs another guilt trip?

Not me.

Do you need to let go of some blogging (or other) guilt?

Guilt drains.

Grace fills.

Does Your Life (or Blog) Need a Facelift?

Spring is just around the corner.  Which is why I decided I need a face lift.

It’s not what you’re thinking.  (Ok, maybe I am a bit vain, but I’m not getting plastic surgery any time soon.)

I’m talking about a face lift for my blog!

Why does a face lift make me “feel” better?  After all, it’s the same blog.  The same content.  The same message.

But it still feels new. 

It’s like trying a new recipe. Putting on a new dress.  Drinking a fresh cup of coffee.

Remember what it felt like to get a new pair of shoes as a kid?  You could run faster and jump higher.  And my own children are no different.  Sure, they may be materialistic (like the rest of America) but I also believe something else is going on inside of them.  Something deeper.

I am convinced there is a God-given desire inside of all of us that wants to be made new. 

He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” (Rev 21:5)

And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart. (Ezekiel 36:26 NLT)

Can you feel it? 

It’s that tug inside our hearts that tells us there is something more. Something beautiful.  Even something new. 

Maybe it’s time for a face lift.

Are You A Social Media Loner?

Most of my friends don’t blog.  Few of my family members use social media. My husband has vowed to never join Twitter or Facebook.  (And my kids are too young to participate!)

The result?  I’m a social media loner.

And those of us who are loners need to think through our options.

Option #1 Beg Your Family and Friends to Join You

You’re a constant nag.  You frequently beg your family and friends to join the blogging world.  You apply peer pressure and say things like “You don’t know what you’re missing out on!” and “When are you going to join the 21st Century?”

Option #2 Hide Your Social Media Use

Nagging hasn’t worked.  You’re tired of begging, so you simply act like you’re not a social media junkie.  You downplay (or hide) your online activity — “I’m just finishing up some work again.  Me? Blogging again? Of course not!”

Option #3 Set Boundaries

Your family and friends think you’ve gone mad.  They’ve attempted an intervention.  So you set some serious boundaries.  You turn off your blog on the weekends.  You don’t Tweet at the dinner table.  And even though you miss out on a few posts, it’s worth the trade off.

Option #4 Live in Two Worlds

You’re comfortable in your social media skin.  Hey, it’s just another part of your life.  You let your family and friends know that, while they are welcome to join you, they will never be replaced by your online world.  You choose to lead an “integrated” life. 

Are you a social media loner?  If so, what are your coping mechanisms?

Have a good weekend!

Are Online Relationships Real?

Teenage Girl Using Laptop

Remember when you were a kid, and you had imaginary friends?  Remember when grown-ups thought you were crazy?

That’s how I feel sometimes as a blogger.

Last week, I was speaking to a group of intelligent women, trying to explain some of the intangible benefits of my writing.

“The most incredible part of blogging is some of the new friends I’ve met.”

I went on to explain. “I consider many other bloggers dear friends.  Some of these friends encourage me on a daily basis.”

I noticed a few blank stares in the audience.

They must think I’m crazy.  Maybe I am!

After all, a year ago, I would have told me I was crazy.  You can’t have real relationships online, can you?  Relationships where people don’t actually meet in person.  Where people hide behind computer screens (where they can conveniently hide their faults and annoying personalities).

Other bloggers don’t smell.  They don’t show up at my doorstep unexpected.  They don’t put demands on my time.  They don’t ask me to help with carpool duty or bake cookies for the Election Day bake sale (yeah, I forgot to sign up again this year).

How can a relationship be real when it is completely on my terms?  When I’m the one in control? When it doesn’t involve sacrifice?

Maybe online relationships are imaginary after all.  After all, I can just turn them off with a power button.

But wait a minute.  Smelly or not, my online friendships have stretched me, that’s for sure.  No one is pointing a gun to my head, yet I’m pushing myself to read other blogs, write encouraging comments, and even meet deadlines.  I’m not just pushing myself to write, I’m pushing myself to connect.  And while I probably started blogging in search of fans, the wonderful truth is that I’ve found some friends instead. 

And friends are worth it.  Online or not.

Do You Pray For Your Readers?

Man Standing on the Roadside

Those of us who write find ourselves praying for more readers.  After all, if you’re going to take the time to say something, you want lots of people to read it.  Right?

But is that really what we should be praying for?

The other night, I couldn’t sleep.  I was restless, but I wasn’t upset or worried about anything.  So I prayed, ok God, this is usually when you are trying to tell me something.  So what is it?

Then, in the midst of my fog, I heard God speak to my heart.

“Do you pray for your readers?”

Wow.  A light bulb went off.  I had been missing out on a golden opportunity – praying for the people who are reading this right here and right now.  Sure, more readers are great.  But what about the people who God has already put in my life? 

Sometimes, we’re so busy thinking about what’s next — looking miles and miles down the road — that God plops a stop sign right in front of us.  I’m known to drive a little too fast, so I’m thankful He goes out of his way to put the brakes on and get my attention.

If you’re reading this, please know that I’m praying for you.  I promise.  God told me to do it!

The next time you can’t sleep, ask God what He might be saying.  He might be trying to slow you down.  And you just might hear something.

Happy Monday!